The October Crisis CBC – 1974 – Directed by Marc Blandford

La Justice et l’Ordinateur ONF – 1975 – Claude Godbout

La Gammick ONF – 1975 – directed by Jacques Godbout – Inspired by a news item dating back to the 1950s, La Gammick tells the story of François (Chico) Tremblay, an average Quebecer, who finds himself confronted, after a few years of good and loyal service in the Montreal underworld, with the almighty American mafia. The Gammick, more than a thriller, has a social and ideological meaning that makes it possible to read it on several levels and allows for the socio-political analysis of an urban phenomenon: gangsterism. It exists in Quebec as everywhere else. Watch the film:

La Fleur aux dents ONF – 1976 – directed by Thomas Vamos. Based on the novel by Gilles Archambault, the film has no other goal than to bring us to live the inner journey of a man in his forties, married, father of a family. Through the wife, on her way from marital dependency to autonomy, and the teenage daughter, proudly announcing that she is pregnant and that she will not marry the father, Lamontagne becomes aware of the difficulty of adapting to today’s world.

On the Back of the Great Whale ONF – 1992 – documentary directed by Diane Beaudry – Twenty years after the signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, the debates surrounding the La Grande Rivière hydroelectric complex take on an unexpected scale. While some celebrate the successes of Quebec’s genius, others cry apocalypse and genocide. It is a highly mediatized struggle for control of the Radissonie. Watch the film:

Le Fleuve aux grandes eaux Radio-Canada – 1994 – Text for an animated film by Frédéric Back. Pure water, essential to all life, is on the verge of extinction! Comparable to the loss of forests, this loss is a tragedy on a global scale. Following the worldwide success of The Man Who Planted Trees, which won an Oscar® and led to the planting of millions of trees, Frédéric Back decided to devote a film to the St. Lawrence River. “Magtogoek,” as it is called by the Micmac Amerindians, has its source in the Great Lakes and flows into the Atlantic after its long crossing of Quebec. Its waters, where innumerable animals and plant species were once abundant, have become impoverished under the effects of abusive exploitation and industrial pollution. Alas, all the world’s rivers suffer the same damage! Thanks to the many astonishing revelations about the past riches of the St. Lawrence River, the committed artist hopes that this film will awaken consciences. It is the hope of seeing life-saving actions taken against all the degraded vital resources that was the main motivation for screen writer Pierre Turgeon and director Frédéric Back to undertake the production of this great animated film. Watch the film:

The Quiet Revolution (fourth episode) Imavision (Télé Québec) – 2000 – in collaboration with Jacques Cossette-Trudel